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12/12/19 Toulouse (31)
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31/12/19 Martillac (33)
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21/04/20 Arcachon (33)
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27/06/20 Arcachon (33)
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Dear Blog,
Wow it's been a very long time since I updated this blog...!
I have been very busy with various projects. Firstly, I've been putting the finishing touches to an album I'm producing for an English guy. He's written the songs and is singing, while I'm arranging the tracks and recording all the instruments (except for some beautiful performances by some guest soloists!).
I have also been working on healing my voice. As some of you are aware, this summer was very difficult for me as I've been suffering from some serious voice strain and inflammation of my vocal chords... since April in fact.
We battled through the busy summer period, although I did have to cancel a few concerts regrettably. It was a horrible experience, and at one point I actually thought my singing career was over.
Not only has it been a difficult period to deal with physically, it's been a nightmare mentally. I was waking worrying about the state of my voice, and the worry stayed with me constantly throughout each day.
Thomas and Antony, my brothers in arms on the road, were very supportive, although they had to cope with my stress and the financial loss from the cancelled shows. Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely HATE letting people down.
After a lot of consultations with specialists, cameras up my nose and down my throat, endless tea and honey, a lot of Cortisone (bad for you...), I eventually started working with a voice coach, my friend Monique Thomas at Vocal Arts Studio. She has been helping me get the inflammation down and showing me how to stretch my vocal chords correctly.
I'm highly relieved to report that my voice is now back on track... I've been doing some gigs and it feels back to normal (or actually better than before). I now take singing a lot more seriously... I warm up my voice even on days when I'm not singing, and I try to avoid straining it when I perform.
I can't tell you what a relief this has been... to actually enjoy singing again instead of yearning for the show to be over... after all, even though you're suffering and struggling to get through the concert, you can't let it show and you can't talk about it. You suffer in silence.
To celebrate, I've decided to release a new album in 2020 !
I've started work on it already... but it's too early to tell you much about it at the moment.
All I can say is that this feels good!
I've also been flying as much as possible, I'm conducting aviation English language tests, interpreting... lots of stuff going on.


News en août / August news


Dear Blog,
L'été bats son plein, mais j'ai un week-end off ! Au moins nous n'avons plus de canicule... ça était très difficile, surtout fin juin, quand nous avons joué sur un toit à Bordeaux sous 45°C, puis 2 jours en Provence ou il a fait encore plus chaud !
Je partage cette jolie photo prise par l'agence Clémence Events... un souvenir d'une autre journée torride l'année dernière !
Cet été j'ai également trouvé le temps pour piloter (une de mes grandes passions vous le savez...) au-dessus du Bassin d'Arcachon. Allez sur YouTube et cherchez "le Musicien Volant", et vous pouvez regarder ma toute nouvelle chaîne, avec des vidéos tournées en vol.
Nous sommes déjà le 10 août, mais il reste quand même pas mal de concerts dans les jours et les semaines qui viennent. Toutes les infos sur la page "Concerts" bien sûr.
Et maintenant en anglais :

Hi everyone!
It's been a long time since I updated this blog in English... I do apologise...
June started on an exciting note, when I was given the opportunity to record at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.
I'm working on an album for an English client, recording the instruments and arrangements at home here in France... but we recorded his vocals in London. It was an amazing experience, the place is full of atmosphere and creative vibes!
The project should be finished in September so watch this space...!
As a side-note, the day after recording finished I went out for a jog around Regents Park... only to cut it short because of security around Trump's state visit!
This has to be the longest, hottest summer I've experienced for several years. We've been hard at it since June, with the occasional heatwave to contend with (trust me, performing on a rooftop in 45°C and blazing sun is NOT easy...). We performed two nights down near Saint Tropez at the end of June, and since then we have been all over the place.
We don't do a lot of weddings, but we have had the pleasure of performing at 3 wonderful ones so far this summer. Many thanks to the charming brides and grooms... and their (frequently) mad friends !
I have however managed to find the time to do quite a lot of flying (one of my greatest passions as you may already know). The Arcachon Bay area where I live is a beautiful part of the world to see from the sky... check out my YouTube channel "le Musicien Volant" and you can see the videos I've made of recent flights.
I actually have a glorious weekend off, so I'm going to enjoy doing nothing for a change!


C'est l'été !


Dear Blog,
Ca y est, c'est l'été (il fait chaud... ) et notre saison a déjà commencé.
Ce soir et demain c'est des soirées privées aux alentours de Bordeaux, puis samedi et dimanche nous serons à côté de Nice. Un weekend bien chargé, surtout sous un soleil de plomb !
La semaine prochaine (vendredi 5 juillet) on jouera notre premier concert "public" de l'été : au restaurant Le Jardin du Moulleau, au Moulleau Village (Arcachon). Venez nombreux... le lieu a grandit depuis l'année dernière, et il a été entièrement rénové.
Samedi et dimanche c'est des soirées privées, puis mercredi 10 juillet c'est notre premier concert de la saison à l'Escale au Cap Ferret.